That time President Obama quite literally laid down the law, or at least promised to

Last Tuesday, President Obama made his annual State of the Union address.  In it, he made many promises, he pledged to raise the minimum wage for those contracted to the federal government, to create a new tax-free savings bond to … Continue reading

Whatever lets Walmart sleep at night

As Americans, we all have one thing in common — and no, it is not just a superiority complex, fledgling caffeine addiction, or affinity for bacon. Rather, we all value the importance of giving thanks on one specific day at the end … Continue reading

One Nation, Under God, Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for Some

Under Ronald Reagan’s presidency, Christians — both Protestant and Catholic — found a home in the Republican Party. Reagan’s speeches, spiced with Bible verses, fought for their issues and championed the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. The mass entry of Christian voters to the Republican Party … Continue reading

Holy Politics, Batman! Gotham and the 99 percent

Anti-capitalism is nothing new in Hollywood. From Wall-E to Avatar, corporations are repeatedly depicted as corrupt. The contradiction of corporate-funded films disparaging corporations is an irony that capitalism does not just accept but thrives on. However, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, often considered more explicitly … Continue reading

Our generation must affirm affirmative action

As college students, we all have one thing in common — and no, it is not a superiority complex, a fledgling caffeine addiction, or an affinity for Yellowtail. Rather, by the help of parents, student loans, or grants and scholarships, we were … Continue reading