That time President Obama quite literally laid down the law, or at least promised to

Last Tuesday, President Obama made his annual State of the Union address.  In it, he made many promises, he pledged to raise the minimum wage for those contracted to the federal government, to create a new tax-free savings bond to … Continue reading

Tinder, love, and care

As a social experiment, I spent 72 hours searching for dates without any intention of actually going on one, wearing a mud mask from the comfort of my own couch. This is all thanks to Tinder, the app that almost … Continue reading

What Blackberry has taught us

Sometimes, companies fail. And it’s not always because of market forces or bad luck but sometimes it’s simply because it’s product sucks. And that’s exactly what blackberries do–they suck. But their product wasn’t what killed them–Blackberries were at one point … Continue reading

You don’t hate Facebook, you hate your Facebook friends

It’s the hip new thing to say “I don’t even use Facebook anymore” or “I only go on Facebook for Facebook chat”—is there any other website or product that attracts so much disdain from its users? Even my cousin who is … Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Lobster Roll in New York City (a blog in progress)

Growing up, my family would spend many summers on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.  Although both the Cape and Vineyard are in part known for their prodigious seafood, I didn’t try a lobster roll until the summer of 2008, coincidentally, … Continue reading

5 Television Shows You Need to Marathon Watch This Summer

5 Television Shows You Need to Marathon Watch This Summer

1.) Orange is the New Black. If you were ever a fan of Weeds(especially the first two seasons when it was good) you will absolutely love this show. It follows the life of a waspy blonde who is sentenced to 15 … Continue reading