Ciabatta Bread French Toast with Banana

French toast is one of those breakfast dishes you get super excited about when you see it on a menu but rarely make it at home because you always forget how simple it is. So this recipe is essentially a reminder of how easy french toast is to make and how much more delicious it can be when you use your favorite type of bread– mine being ciabatta, but I encourage you to substitute the ciabatta bread with whatever bread you’re in the mood for.

What You’ll Need:


-2 eggs

-1/4 cup of milk

-1 pinch of cinnamon

-Confectioner’s Sugar

– Maple syrup

-1 banana


-Slice 2 pieces of bread from bread loaf

-In medium sized bowl whisk together eggs, milk, & cinnamon

-Dip bread in egg mixture and saturate both sides

-Place bread in medium sized skillet on medium heat with vegetable oil

-Flip and brown both sides of bread

-Place bread on plate and coat with sugar & syrup

That’s literally it.


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