7 Reasons Why AMC’s Mob Week Is The Best Week

The-godfather-part-ii-1974-3e4901.) You get to relive quotes like “Say hello to my little friend!” and “Just when I thought I was out…They pull me back in” in their original versions as opposed to your friends’ lousy renditions.

2.) You are reminded that while you still may not have heard back from that fall internship, your phones aren’t being tapped by the IRS, you don’t have a serious drug addiction, and your whole family isn’t one rat away from being incarcerated.

3.) You don’t need to feel guilty about laying on the couch and watching TV for 7 straight days because technically you are immersing yourself in a new culture.

4.) You get to watch Robert De Niro grow up.

5.) If by chance you do leave your couch and re-enter the real world, you greet all friends and acquaintances with tight hands around the neck and cheek kisses.

6.) By the end of the week you have essentially relearned the value of family and loyalty and nothing else seems to matter.

7.) You get to watch all of your favorite movies back-to-back without having to press a button.


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